Connected Generations Church

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We invite you to be part of the family, join our table!

We are a christian non denominational  church. The Bible is our rule of faith.
We believe in the move of the Holy Spirit. We preserve the good and moral manners with order and decency
through unity in love which is the perfect bond. Colossians 3.14

Our mission

Our purpose and mission is to connect people to Christ and teach them through the Holy Scriptures to develop an intimate relationship with the person of the Holy Spirit so they can become like Jesus Christ (John 3.16). We believe in a generation of fathers and sons, mothers and daughters; adults and youth walking together, moving forward in the kingdom, accomplishing individual and collectively their missions in the body of Christ. (Malachi 4.6)

Our Administration

We work as a plural administration at the table. We have an assigned board commission that makes decisions regarding the organization and the living organism. Each one of the participants have a sphere of influence according to their abilities. All participants are interdependents. Ephesians 4.11-16 ( alterei a escrita)

Our culture

We are committed to the kingdom of God. We promote the culture of honor. We believe that each person is important and must flow according to their ability with the understanding that we complete each other in the body of Christ. A young person is worthy and accepted as much as an elder and an elder is cared for and honored as much as a young person. Both are celebrated and necessary in the body of Christ. Our desire is to copy Christ in every area of our lives. We are only stewards of the king until he comes to establish the fullness of his kingdom ( Romans 14.12)